Student Microscope

Product Code # VBL-05


Student Microscope

Equipped with

·        U-shaped heavy cast iron base

·       90 inclinable body

·        Packed in shock proof thermocole box or wooden box with: Instruction manual , Vinyl cover.


Technical Specification

·        Magnification: 100X & 600X

·        Eye piece: 10X & 15X

·        Acromatic Objective: 10X & 40X (Par-focal)

·        Nose Piece: Revolving Triple nose piece carries the objectives.

·        Focusing System: separate knobs for coarse and fine motion are provided on the body.

·        Fixed Stage: 110× 110 mm with stage clips


·        Illumination is by plano-concave reflector

·        A bright held condenser is fixed to the stage

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