Co-Axial Trinocular Microscope

Product Code # VBL-14


Co-Axial Trinocular Microscope

Equipped with

·        co-axial focusing system based on four stage gear reduction

·        Trinocular observation head for Micro- Photography & C.C.T.V facility.

Technical Specification

·        Magnification: 50X to 1000X

·        Eye Piece: Paired wide field 10X/Ø18mm

·        Achromatic  Objective:  5X, 10X, 40X (SL), 100X (SL) Oil Immersion (all parfocal)

·        Nose Piece: Quadruple revolves on ball bearing

·        Mechanical stage:  Better quality mechanical stage having low positioned co-axial controls on ball bearing.

·        Head : Trinocular head, Binocular inclined at 45  and rotatable at 360 Diopter ring on accular tube.

·        Interpupillary distance:  Adjustable from 55-75 mm.

·        Focusing: Coaxial focusing system, pre-focussing lever and tension

       adjustment ring with locking system.


·        Built in base illumination system with 6V-20W halogen lamp OR

·        Built in base illumination system with 3 Watt LED lamp


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