watermark Decade Megohm Box

Decade Megohm Box

Product Code # VEC-B-7933


‘Viscilab’ Decade Megohm Box, Type: 8400 HV has been designed and fabricated to meet the standard resistance substitution requirements. This instrument has been designed and fabricated to provide Calibration of Meggers, Megohmmeters, Insulation Testers, Insulation Bridges, Digital Meters and testing of electrochemical and biomedical sensors. This Standard is also used for testing of high-impedance amplifiers, in quality control and instrumentation laboratories for calibration of process control instruments and in engineering laboratories for resistance simulation and instrument calibration. Decade Megohm Box Supplier, Decade Megohm Box Manufacturer, Decade Megohm Box Exporter, Decade Megohm Box Manufacturer in India.

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